Driving Test Cancellations app

Find an earlier driving test for free!



You only need your DVSA login details in order to use the app.


You can login to the DVSA website with just ONE tap!


We will notify you once there is an earlier test available for you.


Free to use, no hidden costs! (some features are premium only).


Unlimited checks until you pass you driving test.


We cover all UK test centres.


What is Testi?
Testi is a UK service that helps you find an earlier test and get a driving license as quickly as possible!

How does Testi work?
1. Book your driving test with the DVSA.
2. Download the Testi app and login with your test details.
3. Sit back and relax.
4. We will send you notifications for earlier tests (Premium account).
5. Login to the DVSA website from Testi with one tap (no password required) and change your test.

How likely is it that you will find me an earlier test?
There is a very good chance that we will - we check the DVSA website for you and let you know once there is an earlier test.

Why do I need your service?
You can try do it yourself but you'll need to spend a lot of time login into the DVSA site to see if suitable slots are available - people catch these tests quickly and without our service it will be very difficult to make it.

What features does Testi have?
- Instant login to the DVSA website (one tap only, no password required).
- Check available tests inside the Testi app.
- Automated checks for new tests (Premium account).
- Notifications service for new tests (Premium account).
- Up to 3 additional test centers nearby (Premium account).
- Support for up to 5 devices per driving licence (Premium account).

What does a premium account give me?
- Notifications service for new available tests.
- Up to 3 additional test centers nearby.
- Support for up to 5 devices per driving licence.
- Unlimited use until you pass your driving test.
- Free from advertisements.
- Premium account is attached to your driver licence number. You pay once and you can only use it with your driving licence.

I've been using Testi for a while, I failed my test - what should I do now?
1. Login to the DVSA website from your computer and rebook a new driving test.
2. Logout from the Testi app.
3. Login again with your new details.
4. If you had a Premium account before, you will not need to pay again - your account will stay Premium.

I'm trying to login to the DVSA website from the app, but I get error code 14 - what does this mean?
The DVSA website has protection against spam. If you try to login too many times your account will be blocked for few hours. We recommend to use our Premium service and avoid checking the DVSA website every few minutes.

I have entered my details correctly and it keep saying login failed! what should I do?
If your test has passed, you will have to book a new one through the DVSA website. Then you can login to Testi with your new booking reference and find an ealrier test.

I tap on a test and I keep getting `Test Not Found` message - what's the problem?
There are few reasons why it might happen:
- Another person found it before you did. There are hundreds of people that are constantly trying to change their driving test on each test centre.
- If you entered your driver licence instructor number in the DVSA website, it will hide the dates when he/she is not available.
- You failed your previous test - you have to choose a date at least 10 working days away.
- Your theory has expired.

I changed my test to an earlier one, but the profile hasn't been updated. What should I do?
Go to the profile tab and refresh your details.

I failed my test and re booked a new one, the profile has not updated on the app and I’m no longer getting notifications. What should I do?
When you re book a new driving test, our system has to get updated with the new test information.
In order to do so please do the follow these steps:
- Logout from Testi.
- Login again with the new booking reference number.
*Premium account is saved during this process.